вторник, 10 ноября 2015 г.

Ceiling Décor, Interior Design in Dubai

Behind the beautiful image of luxury ceiling professional work of designers, planners, engineers, lighting technicians, sculptors and decorators stands. And in modern interiors this part is most affected by modern technologies. Interior design in Dubai combines unique design solutions and innovations. The decor combines new ways of ceiling lighting and time-tested traditions. Improvising with light, Dubai interior designers create amazing pictures with beautiful play of lights. In the work on the project we consider all the nuances. In each room we take into account the necessary amount of light in accordance with established standards. Ceiling decor is in perfect harmony with the design concept of the premises. Often the ceiling design is similar with the decoration of floors and walls. Thus, in the interior we achieve absolute harmony and aesthetic perfection. As a result of the studio project, customers receive a complete package of drawings with elevation view of the decor elements, the arrangement of light sources, indicating the amount of light, color and all technical nuances. As a result, our ceilings always look perfect and please interiors owners for many years. On our official website you can find author's projects, sketch offers and implemented interiors.

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