пятница, 30 декабря 2016 г.

Eastern hospitality interiors Katrina Antonovich

Lush and elegant living room interior reflects the traditions of hospitality. Luxurious decor fills the room with a special festive mood. Katrina Antonovich are using features architectural designed homes to create the ultimate comfort for its owners. High ceilings, large windows and lots of light give the room a special charm to the glitz and sophistication. Luxurious fabrics, precious marble and gilt accents. All these elements are a talented designer combines in unique masterpiece of luxury.

четверг, 29 декабря 2016 г.

Modern bedroom design of Katrina Antonovich

Perfect image of the interior in the style of modern classics reflect the interior of the bedroom. Passionate and extravagant interior pleases and admires. Bright accent colors, mirrored panels, fine outlines of the furniture. All these factors make up an overall picture of aristocratic and respectable interior. And interior designers Katrina Antonovich managed in this respectable image to add unique charm seductive luxury and comfort

House design of Katrina Antonovich

Palace luxury of a new era of modern palaces and residences are a sample of luxury and comfort with the intellectual overtones. And in order to create such a beautiful and unique beauty of the interiors, Luxury Antonovich Design Studio designers complement traditional styles of innovative ideas, using new technologies. That is where new trends and sets the foundation of new styles. The most expensive houses reflect the best that exists in the world of materials, decor and comfort elements. This is not just a demonstration of luxury, but also a reflection of respectability, good taste and ability to improvise, without changing the main purpose of the interior. And it's purpose - to give a feeling of happiness, celebration, comfort and convenience.

вторник, 27 декабря 2016 г.

Master bedroom design of Katrina Antonovich

Impeccable and refined images that creates Katrina Antonovich, have the charm of grace and elegance. Design a bedroom in a classic style combines the soft tenderness of the respectability of comfort. Pastel interior palette, dominated by pearl and pale blue, diluted with warm accents of gold. Pearl play plaster ceiling in perfect harmony with the plaster on the walls matte. Textiles play a major role in creating a cozy mood. According royally luxurious bed with high upholstered headboard is surrounded by exquisite pieces of furniture with carved decoration of handwork. The interior reflects the impeccable taste of the designer and the ability to improvise with textures and materials.

Master bedroom design, Katrina Antonovich

Interior the swimming pool of Katrina Antonovich

His own laser coast where you can enjoy lying on the bank of the blue skies and the Mediterranean landscape. These beautiful moments reflected the interior the swimming pool of  Katrina Antonovich. Interior design in the UAE, which offers design studio Luxury Antonovich Design, always becomes a marvelous realization of the dreams of our customers. And the author's pool design reflected their desire to have in the house band for a wonderful holiday with useful moments and romantic accents. The feeling of a bright sunny day arises from the perfectly matched interior lighting.