пятница, 30 сентября 2016 г.

Hospitality interior design of Katrina Antonovich

In the most luxurious interior’s in fashion lightness and elegance. Only tenderness, grace, lightness and shine. For this beauty is a completely new and innovative approach to the designer decor. Katrina Antonovich has invented a completely unique combination of classical motifs and Art Deco. And by combining the best, adding their own unique design, it creates a new trend that is becoming a new vision of luxury. Playing and improvising with lighting designer seeking infinity effect of airiness and luxury space. Perfect harmony and the relationship between each fragment and each curl decor creates the visual integrity of the interior. Complementing the ease and elegance of the interior light range of colors. The world is changing rapidly and it is great! Beauty criteria become more subtle and profound.

вторник, 27 сентября 2016 г.

Best interiors of Luxury Antonovich Design Dubai

Sometimes beautiful interior becomes something more than just a luxurious living space. Interior villas in Dubai by Luxury Antonovich Design Studio has become the epitome of the modern image of the palace with the enchanting mood of beauty and elegance. Interior designer Katrina Antonovich creates beautiful images of palatial luxury in the spirit of the new fashion trends. The perfect organization of space, unique design solutions, the introduction of new technologies. That is what lies at the heart of the unique beauty of each project. The villa is decorated hall in a stunningly beautiful double staircase. Pure gold radiance looks gentle and easy on the cream colored background natural marble. And with the help of illumination interior designer accents and fills the interior of the villa in Dubai is a unique charm.

среда, 21 сентября 2016 г.

Design art masterpiece of Luxury Antonovich Design

Villa design reflects the atmosphere of elegance and respectability. Impressive luxury décor of the hall and the living room. Gold in combination with light tones fills the atmosphere of the house with festive notes. This luxury version perfectly underlines the high status of the owners. It can be said that this project is a contemporary palace. To create tremendous optical effects Katrina Antonovich interior designer uses lighting accents in the form of a soft LED lighting. So, thanks to the illuminated pouf base in the hall it seems floating in the air. The height of the living room ceiling extends over the entire height of the building. This is a very exquisitely and very elegant. Forged gilded balustrade has become the beautiful decoration element. It decorated the terrace of the second floor, and became a decoration recreation area in the living room. Villa design in Abu Dhabi is a fantastic masterpiece of design art from Luxury Antonovich Design

Cozy bedroom interior design of Luxury Antonovich Design

Cozy bedroom interior Luxury Antonovich Design reflects the trends of modern technologies and new breath of classic style interiors. In this beautiful bedroom harmoniously and closely associated with the ceiling design, the design of the walls, windows and furniture of the bed and floor decoration. The stylish interior is refined and luxurious fabrics. Over the headboard wall is decorated with a large soft bed panel that luxury upholstered velvet cream color with a deep sink marks. The decoration of the windows of the studio designers used luxurious silks, which are present in the decoration and comfortable beds as well as in the decoration of the windows. The magnificent stucco ceiling with gold leaf frames elegant chandelier makes this picture even more beautiful niche with backlight. Soft panel harmonizes perfectly with original features walls of glass in the form of 3D panels. The comfort and warmth of home comfort subtly emphasized designers using beautiful marble floors with carved patterns. The charming bedside tables decorated with handmade carvings. It is a beautiful architectural interior of the bedroom, which gives joy and pleasure for its comfort and coziness.

понедельник, 19 сентября 2016 г.

Living room Interior of Luxury Antonovich Design

Interior design concept of living based on a combination of modern classics, oriental style and modern. Splendid design solution was to organize the space of the room. Living room design can be attributed to a single direction of design art. This room in the house or apartment should be fully express the status of home owners, their taste, understanding of beauty and hospitality. Eastern Interior room is impressive lavish décor. Curtains made of noble silk embroidered beautifully with upholstered furniture. Carved marble floors emphasize the elegance of natural composition. The paintings on the walls and ceiling restrained decor reflect the best trends of the classical style. A further highlight of furniture complements the interior bright festive mood. Interior design of Luxury Antonovich Design determines the future of the beautiful art of luxury and comfort.