четверг, 26 ноября 2015 г.

Interior design in India

Flight of creative imagination of designers from Luxury Antonovich Design and their great talent help a lot in every project to bring unique features. This architectural interior design in India reflects the spirit of modern luxury and fine traditions of Indian culture. Fashionable interiors are increasingly attracted to luxury and splendor. Owners of a modern palace, who belong to the highest caste in this country, basing on the fundamentals of their position, try to reflect everything in their home in accordance with the traditions. The splendor of luxury in this author's project is built to the highest degree of beauty. Amazing sitting room in the house is a central element in the overall design concept, on which the entire composition of the house interior in India is based. The bright and rich colors, gilding, semi-precious stones, classic and oriental, brought to the house notes of elegance and nobility. Majestic and aristocratic interior is a subject to the best canons of classical and Oriental styles, and the possibility of new technologies helped the designers to give the interior exclusivity and notes of intellectual luxury.

Villa Design in Saudi Arabia

The luxury and splendor, raised to the absolute value were created by designers of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio. Interior design in Saudi Arabia is consistently built on refinement and sophistication, aesthetic excellence and quality, the cultural traditions of the country, and innovation. This project is a new masterpiece of modern design. The lush interior decoration harmoniously absorbed all the best that exists today. Every square meter, each curl pattern, each element of the decor is impressive by its beauty. The basis of first impression of fine decoration became luxury of natural marble floor with elaborate carved ornaments and magnificent ceilings with stucco and gold leaf gilding. Designers zoned the space with magnificent chandeliers and niches. The villa interior design Saudi Arabia fully expresses love for the festive life of noble families, their kindness and hospitality.

понедельник, 23 ноября 2015 г.

Master bedroom, interior in details

The elegant Master bedroom interior is in light range of cool colors. The basis of the composition is a comfortable bed with a black glossy Visionnaire headboard. To visually expand the interior space, the designers are using glossy panel in the wall decor. Accents of warmth became the parquet floor Tavolini prestige of natural lacquered oak and soft fluffy carpet. Laconic window decoration is in perfect harmony with the general mood of the interior. The window is decorated with tulle Eusten Gerling (Germany). White translucent fabric is gathered into neat small folds. In the ceiling decor traditional chandelier (Still Lux) with elements of modern LED lights combine, and ceiling lights that are placed around the perimeter of the ceiling. The interior design combines perfectly comfortable mood with pleasant feeling of comfort and warmth.

пятница, 20 ноября 2015 г.

Modern villa design

In our blog we are excited to share the new villa project in Palm Jumeirah. Mind-blowing, man-made island Palm Jumeirah as if transferred from the pages of science fiction novels in the desert is considered one of the boldest engineering structures. And this new villa project is a laconic continuation of innovation of modern luxury. The main motive of this wonderful interior story is a wonderful cool oasis in the desert. In the interior by a nice range of cool colors is dominated. Interior Designers Dubai of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio masterfully used such a traditional material as glass. Balustrades of staircases and decorative panels with LED backlight are made of transparent glass. White marble supports the mood of wonderful pleasant coolness. In the Modern villa design some remodeling was provided. Interior designers have achieved amazing effect of infinite luxury space. Illumination plays no less important role in the project. The traditional crystal chandeliers are complemented by accents of LED backlighting and illuminated panels made of semiprecious stones. The variety of spectacular design techniques in the decoration of the walls became the basis of a unique and artistically expressive image of the interior.

четверг, 19 ноября 2015 г.

Master Bedroom

Shining beauty of the author's Master Bedroom interior from Luxury Antonovich Design Elite Interiors Studio is filled with delicate and charming mood. In the predominant snow-white shades curtains of pale blue silk and the floor with pretty carved patterns look adorable. A modern classic in the projects of design studio always wins the hearts by its unique beauty and elegance. Ceiling Decor very clearly demonstrates the excellent influence of modern technology. When the curls of stucco, gilding and a grand chandelier look particularly refined with additional LED lighting. Luxury furniture inlaid with carved handmade decor emphasizes the respectability of the interior. High headboard is a united composition with the wall decor. The mood of warmth of home comfort is complemented by the soft milky carpet. Textile wallpaper that filled boiserie, shimmers under the light of chandelier. Master Bedroom Design embodies the splendor of modern luxury.