понедельник, 2 ноября 2015 г.

Restaurant interior design by Kateryna Antonovich

The restaurant interior design in classical style perfectly underlines respectability and upscale of a places. Kateryna Antonovich masterfully combines festive mood with accents  of home comfort. In the restaurant every detail is worked out carefully, so that you can celebrate here as a major ceremonial event, so romantic dinner for two or a business meeting. Classical style in the work of the talented designer reflects a combination of wonderful traditions with the new trends. To create a full sense of warmth and comfort in the floors decoration the author proposed natural wood. The ceiling decor in the best traditions of modern classics is perfectly combined with moldings, crystal chandeliers and elegant lines of LED backlight. Sky-blue shades in furniture upholstery and windows decoration complement overall creamy milk picture with bright accents. The restaurant interior design sets on pleasant moments of exquisite meals and pleasant conversations. The restaurant interior will give visitors a perfect sense of aesthetic pleasure.

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