понедельник, 31 октября 2016 г.

Kids room Design ideas for girl by Katrina Antonovich

Kids room Design for girl by Katrina Antonovich reflects the tenderness and infinite love that parents feel for her. Cozy bedroom for girls has become an ideal haven for the young princess. Interior design concept follows the tenderness and grace of beautiful room hostess. Gentle range of pink shades textile perfectly with cream furniture. This is an example of how multi-faceted and can be a wonderful classic style in the interior. All perfectly and harmoniously. This interior is the perfect place for the child and will bring perfect taste from an early age.

понедельник, 24 октября 2016 г.

Kitchen interior design in classic style from Luxury Antonovich Design

Kitchen interior in a classical style, which is created by the designers studio Luxury Antonovich Design, can be a real gem of your home. Literally every square centimeter of the interior is filled with beauty and lush decor. Gamma shades of warm green, cream and gold gives the kitchen a very warm and festive mood. The perfect organization of space allowed a very comfortable place itself as the kitchen and dining area. Beautiful furniture adequately fit into the luxurious interior. ceiling decor is consistent with a luxurious decoration in the spirit of a contemporary palace. Two crystal chandeliers pour highlights curls stucco decoration. Marble floor decorated with large curls carved decoration. For all that beauty and magnificent decoration concealed the latest storage systems and modern kitchen appliances.

суббота, 22 октября 2016 г.

Luxury villa interior in Abu Dhabi from Katrina Antonovich

The world is beautiful, when there is always a place for a holiday. And the beautiful interior of the villa in Abu Dhabi, which has developed Katrina Antonovich represents excellent motives luxury modern palace. This new view of the magnificent interior decoration. The culmination of the history of the beautiful interior became a hall. This open space, which brought together all the other rooms of the house. Center of the composition became symmetrical double stairway. Visual lightness and grace of the interior is provided graceful columns of marble. Shine and luster of gold, marble and silk strengthens large stained glass Tiffany dome. The abundance of light provides a glow of beauty at any time of the day. Each element of a lush decor in perfect harmony with each other. Design studio Luxury Antonovich Design in Abu Dhabi to create a new history of luxury and comfort.

четверг, 20 октября 2016 г.

Living room design ideas in Arabic style from Katrina Antonovich

A delightful and charming living room interior combines Arab style motifs and classical notes. Interior designer Katrina Antonovich offered such an option for the eastern living room of one of the luxury villas in Abu Dhabi. It Majlis for the female half of the family. Luxury interior got very elegant and noble color. Designer combines noble materials and traditional Arabic decor and modern lighting. The result is a very elegant and stylish interior with comfortable features. Each project design studio introduces a unique solution in the decoration. The highlight of this room was the volumetric 3D panels with lighting, and stained-glass windows with delicate inlays of brass. Elegance and beauty of the interior eye-catcher. And the time spent among such beauty and luxury give extremely pleasant and happy emotions.

среда, 19 октября 2016 г.

Garden design ideas of Luxury Antonovich Design

Landscaping of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio - it is not just the ability to transform the garden design and give it beauty and aesthetic value, it is an art of creating harmony with the nature that surrounds you. Regardless of what the area can be used for these purposes, a landscape designer seeks to make sure that the area around the house all to feel as comfortable as possible. Today, thanks to landscape design, you can create an individual style of gardening area, emphasize the status of holders of preference. Landscaping of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio - a unique opportunity to qualitatively refine the territory, fill it with exquisite plants, combine them correctly and harmoniously, as well as create the necessary stylistic concept.

вторник, 18 октября 2016 г.

House exterior design of Luxury Antonovich Design

Aesthetics, luxury and exclusivity inherent in every project Luxury Antonovich Design studio. Architects and designers are using traditional canons and added their own unique solutions to each project. Luxury villa in Abu Dhabi looks regally aristocratic. Lovely plastic building based on the harmonious combination of different architectural elements of the facade. The large stained-glass windows give the villa lightness and elegance. An integral part of the project was the landscaping around the house and landscape design. This architectural project - a real triumph of nobility, elegance and exclusive solutions.