среда, 26 июля 2017 г.

Luxury and comfort from Katrina Antonovich

The world is changing rapidly. New technologies bring absolute comfort to our lives. Such interior designers as Katrina Antonovich are ahead of time and create the interiors of the future. Katrina Antonovich created a unique project of a modern penthouse in Dubai in a modern style. The interior has a very light and relaxed character. The freshness of the designer's ideas filled the apartments with a unique charm of beauty and comfort.

Katrina Antonovich, interiors of the future

понедельник, 24 июля 2017 г.

The best bedroom design ideas from Katrina Antonovich

The interior design of the bedroom is the embodiment of the tenderness and charm of her mistress created by designer Katrina Antonovich. In every new project of a talented designer, we again and again observe beautiful transformations of the classical style. In her works, he receives a special facet of grace and a delicate interweaving of genius ideas for creating a comfortable living environment. Of course, the main violin of this concert of luxury and beauty is a comfortable bed. The interior design of the bedroom very favorably highlighted the features of its architectural layout. The interior adjusts to a wave of pleasant mood and relaxing rest. Exquisite decor is unique in its beauty and outlines.

best bedroom design ideas, Katrina Antonovich

четверг, 20 июля 2017 г.

Villa Design in Colombo from Katrina Antonovich

Respectable people from all over the world choose interior design from Katrina Antonovich. The designer offers a unique beauty solution for interior decoration in a classic style. Modern palaces embody elegant beauty and aristocratic notes. Katrina Antonovich skillfully arranges space. The architectural layout of the building is in perfect harmony with the interior. Noble materials such as marble and precious wood become a must-have attribute of classical interiors. And the hall of the house in this project became a luxurious beginning of a beautiful interior history.

Villa Design in Colombo, Katrina Antonovich

среда, 19 июля 2017 г.

Dining room Design by Katrina Antonovich

The interior design of the dining room from Katrina Antonovich is always a very important part of the design and design of elite housing. A beautiful dining room always reflects the cordiality and hospitality of home owners. Katrina Antonovich creates interiors, which become an ideal habitat. Each style in the works of a talented designer acquires its individuality. It creates bright and festive interiors, using elite materials and luxurious author's decor.

Dining room Design, Katrina Antonovich

вторник, 18 июля 2017 г.

Perfect interior design from Katrina Antonovich

Beautiful interiors, created by designer Katrina Antonovich, give a sense of aesthetic pleasure. In her projects everything is perfect, everything is impeccable and stylish. Interior design is the high art of creating an ideal living environment. And Katrina Antonovich achieved perfection in this art. Each design project tells an amazing story of luxury and comfort. Ideal geometry of space, elegant forms, beautiful palette of shades and comfortable organization of space. In each project, the designer anticipates the wishes of its customers to create a truly ideal living environment for them.

Perfect interior design, Katrina Antonovich

воскресенье, 16 июля 2017 г.

Home Cinema Design by Katrina Antonovich

Home Cinema Design by Katrina Antonovich creates in view of the newest technologies. Her interiors completely transform the space of the house. The designer carefully thinks over the process of reflection and absorption of the sound wave and takes care of noise insulation. Always competently combines the appearance of the interior with the technical aspect. What is interesting interior home theater from Katrina Antonovich - it's a huge space for experiments and the expression of their fantasies.

Home Cinema Design, Katrina Antonovich

суббота, 15 июля 2017 г.

The most beautiful bedrooms interiors of Katrina Antonovich

The freshness of the ideas of Katrina Antonovich brings her zest to every design. The interior of the bedroom has a very light and refined character. A pleasant range of colors, laconic decor and improvisations with textures give the room a special charm. This is a luxurious interior in a modern style that will give joy and a pleasant time of rest for the owners of the house.

The most beautiful bedrooms interiors, Katrina Antonovich

четверг, 13 июля 2017 г.

Modern bedroom design of Katrina Antonovich

Modern interior design from Katrina Antonovich embodies the perfect combination of beauty and comfort. The interior of the bedroom will become an ideal habitat for home owners. The highlight of the interior of the bedroom was a soft panel of cream-colored velvet and a decor of natural onyx with lighting and a decorative fireplace. Beautiful curtains with fine folds of silk chocolate shade fit perfectly into the interior. Interior designer Katrina Antonovich uses a natural light carpet to decorate the floors. . Comfortable bed, pleasant range of pastel shades and beautiful decor filled the room with a special romantic and cozy charm.

Modern bedroom design, Katrina Antonovich

среда, 12 июля 2017 г.

House design of Katrina Antonovich

Interior design by Katrina Antonovich is a high art of creating unique projects of elite real estate. The designer harmoniously combines new technologies and proven traditions. Her projects trace the fashion trends of the future. Each interior of the house becomes a harmonious continuation of its master. Beauty is combined with comfort, and every creative idea of Katrina Antonovich is absolutely unique.

House design, Katrina Antonovich

вторник, 11 июля 2017 г.

Elegant style in the interiors of Katrina Antonovich

Beautiful design of the living room from Katrina Antonovich will become the main decoration of the house. The interior designer creates unique beauty projects, never repeating. In this interior everything speaks of the cordiality of home owners, their hospitality and high status. The designer is a virtuoso experimenter with materials and textures. Katrina Antonovich very harmoniously combined the classical and oriental style in the interior of the living room.

Living room design,  Katrina Antonovich