вторник, 30 августа 2016 г.

Living room design in Nigeria Abuja

With an interior living room linked to many events of our lives. And in such a luxurious interior, which created a Luxury Antonovich Design Studio designers all family events and moments of rest will be surrounded by an aura of respectability and admiration.
For a luxurious villa in Abuja project authors proposed a modern style and Art Deco. Design studio Luxury Antonovich Design has become synonymous with tradition and high quality design skills. This interior embodies the most comfortable environment for each guest and family member. Author's furniture with creative design have become the highlight of this luxurious interior. living space is ideally arranged. To create a festive atmosphere, interior designers improvise with lighting. Juicy colors different variety. And, at the same time everything is harmonious and stylish. Such as the luxurious accents wall decor with natural leather and original flooring give the interior a special charm of modern luxury.

понедельник, 29 августа 2016 г.

Arabic Majlis Interior Design from Luxury Antonovich Design

Arabic style is one of the areas of eastern interior design, which means luxury, elegance, fairy tale. Like all oriental art, it has three bases. This strict adherence to the rules prescribed by Islam, following the centuries-old traditions and man-made objects and interior decoration. Arabic interior design of Luxury Antonovich Design, is an expression of lifestyle. Fundamental in the eastern interior itself is not a luxury, but designers the ability to create a unique blend of tradition and design. With his talent, they made out of the room so that the impression of the wealth of its owner exceeds the actual size. Artists express themselves in creating a diverse and complex patterns. Most of this geometric pattern, entwined unreal vegetation. For these paintings are characterized by a large number of small elements and a clear drawing. Arabic Majlis Interior Design from Luxury Antonovich Design is a combination of tradition and unique design

пятница, 26 августа 2016 г.

Luxury villa design in Dubai from Katrina Antonovich

Sometimes beautiful interior becomes something more than just a luxurious living space. Interior villas in Dubai by Luxury Antonovich Design Studio has become the epitome of the modern image of the palace with the enchanting mood of beauty and elegance. Interior designer Katrina Antonovich creates beautiful images of palatial luxury in the spirit of the new fashion trends. The perfect organization of space, unique design solutions, the introduction of new technologies. That is what lies at the heart of the unique beauty of each project. The villa is decorated hall in a stunningly beautiful double staircase. Pure gold radiance looks gentle and easy on the cream colored background natural marble. And with the help of illumination interior designer accents and fills the interior of the villa in Dubai is a unique charm.

четверг, 25 августа 2016 г.

Villa design in Uganda from Luxury Antonovich Design

The luxurious  villa interior in Uganda reflects the great traditions of the classical style. Aristocratic design from Katrina Antonovich impresses with its perfect beauty. Restrained decor and luxury materials became the basis of the image of a respectable interior. Beautiful interior story begins with a sumptuous hall with stairs . This design villa project in Uganda is comparable to the work of art that will be timeless. Part of the project began in the scenic mural wall decor. The mood of solemnity attaches great chandelier. The furniture in dark wood look great on the background light walls. Beautiful villa became the embodiment of a dream of its owners for their own luxury home.

среда, 24 августа 2016 г.

Villa design in Abu Dhabi from Luxury Antonovich Design

Villa design in Abu Dhabi reflects the atmosphere of elegance and respectability. Impressive luxury décor of the hall and the living room. Gold in combination with light tones fills the atmosphere of the house with festive notes. This luxury version perfectly underlines the high status of the owners. It can be said that this project is a contemporary palace. To create tremendous optical effects Katrina Antonovich interior designer uses lighting accents in the form of a soft LED lighting.So, thanks to the illuminated pouf base in the hall it seems floating in the air. The height of the living room ceiling extends over the entire height of the building. This is a very exquisitely and very elegant. Forged gilded balustrade has become the beautiful decoration element.It decorated the terrace of the second floor, and became a decoration recreation area in the living room. Villa design in Abu Dhabi is a fantastic masterpiece of design art from Luxury Antonovich Design

вторник, 23 августа 2016 г.

Home decor ideas from Luxury Antonovich Design

The unique beauty of the interiors Luxury Antonovich Design studio give a feeling of aesthetic pleasure. Interior designer Katrina Antonovich successfully implements innovative solutions in the decoration. In this project, the interior of the living room couch graced the original author's sketches for the designer. In The decor of the walls nice  look textile panels of velvet. A shade of chocolate silk drapes beautifully with upholstered furniture. Chocolate and caramel shades of the curtains a very cozy and delicious mood in the living room. A large number of furniture indicates cordiality and hospitality of the owners of the house. This is a fine example of modern luxury with accent Nouveau and Art Deco.