вторник, 31 мая 2016 г.

Planning and design of swimming pools Luxury Antonovich Design

In the design of elite housing from Luxury Antonovich Design one of the essential steps is to create a swimming pool. Interior Solutions of the organization the swimming pool space is closely related to the use of modern technologies. This takes into account the concept of the interior design of the house. In this project, the pool has luxurious mosaic panel in the bowl pool. And incredibly luxurious domed ceiling with stained glass Tiffany. This swimming pool will be a favorite destination for home owners and their guests.
Swimming pool design by Luxury Antonovich Design

понедельник, 30 мая 2016 г.

Exclusive Interiors by Luxury Antonovich Design

Luxury interiors that create studio designers Luxury Antonovich Design, always reflect a high style and perfection. Interior room in classic style has its own unique character. Gamma of Bright shades adjusts for easy perception of space. In such an interior feel the serenity and pleasant emotions. Comfortable furniture is upholstered in silk with gold embroidery. Silver curtains in the windows complement the decoration of the noble image of the interior. Stucco on the ceiling with silvering became focus on the uniqueness of the living room interior. The walls are decorated with silk wallpaper damask patterns in cream color. And on the floor in an interior fit perfectly parquet precious wood. Interior living room attracts attention and gives a feeling of pure joy.
Best works of the Luxury Antonovich Design

суббота, 28 мая 2016 г.

Girl Bedroom from Luxury Antonovich Design

The creamy tenderness a children's bedroom. This charming interior Luxury Antonovich Design developed for the eldest daughter of the house owners. Interior symbolizes impeccable elegance of classic style. Spacious room is warm, fresh and delicate. In large window passes a sufficient amount of natural light. Elegant furniture in perfect harmony with the decor of the walls and ceiling. Every detail of the interior is the ideal comfort for the baby, its harmonious development and education of good taste from an early age.

пятница, 27 мая 2016 г.

Bathroom Design from Luxury Antonovich Design

Bathroom could be one of the main decorations of the house. This variant of bathroom design in the classical style of Luxury Antonovich Design impressive with its  image. The main material of decoration of floors and walls - is a white marble. On the marble surface of a light background is very bright stand out the dark velvet curtains and a mosaic with gold flowers on black background. In The decoration of the ceiling, in accordance with the best traditions of classical style  applied stucco. And complements the image of an elite interior moldings and carved decoration with gold.

четверг, 26 мая 2016 г.

Landscaping by Luxury Antonovich Design

This personal project of landscape design from Luxury Antonovich Design Studio has been designed for the villa in Africa. A striking feature of the project was an abundance of water and greenery. Several swimming pools and waterfalls are surrounded by greenery. All green spaces are provided so that in the area around the house you can always take refuge in the shade and enjoy the rest. Most of the space is covered with natural wood. It provides a pleasant tactile feel when walking barefoot. Part of the project landscape design has become a playground with backlight. This allows you to comfortably spend time here at any time of the day.

среда, 25 мая 2016 г.

Cinema home Interior from Luxury Antonovich Design

Perfect home, this is where it has all that you love, all that you prefer, all for your comfort. Luxury homes projects include the creating home theater interior design. This is a separate line of the design, which is closely associated with new technologies. Particular attention Luxury Antonovich Design designers give such an important aspect as acoustics. this affects the choice of finishing materials, as well as the selection of audio and video equipment in accordance with the floor area. The second important aspect - it's furniture, which is developed specifically for these interiors in accordance with the design concept. We create interiors where time flies imperceptibly watching your favorite movies.