среда, 30 декабря 2015 г.

Luxury interior design Dubai for kids

For the young heirs of the family, we offer children's rooms interiors, which will be ideal habitat for the child and contribute to the harmonious development. Luxury of the new era is beauty with a touch of sophistication and elegance. Sensual and aesthetic pleasure are caused by the author's interior from Luxury Antonovich Design, architecture firms in Dubai.

вторник, 29 декабря 2015 г.

Interior design in Dubai

Interior design in Dubai also often includes design of pools, hammams and home spa areas. Where interior design is very closely linked with the engineering design. We have a team of highly qualified professionals in all directions. And everything that we create for our valued customers, is flawless in its aesthetic form and internal content.

понедельник, 28 декабря 2015 г.

Hotel design from Katrina Antonovich

Traveling is the best vacation for body and soul, which then becomes unforgettable happy memories for a lifetime. And that time, which you spend not at home, should bring only pleasure. And what could be better than a luxury hotel? Only the hotel, created by the design project from Katrina Antonovich.
This hotel amazes at the moment you cross the threshold. Combination of modern and Art Deco filled every square meter with sophistication and individuality. In a total snow-blue range of shades rich chocolate patterns on the marble floor and flirty mesh decor on the pillars give the spacious hall of the hotel touches of comfort.
Massive round crystal chandeliers with lots of hangers around the perimeter of the ceiling and pale blue rays lighten each corner of the apartment. The curved lines of tiers with lighting and spotlights add magic glare. And even in the dark and rainy day, it is always sunny and festive atmosphere here. The abundance of light and crystal chandeliers with waterfalls are the main elements of the interior, thanks to which the hotel looks so magnificent and luxurious.
Columns, like solemn guards around the main staircase, are decorated with pearly white patterns. The staircase itself is framed with elegant banisters, encourages forget about the elevator and, slowly, climb up to your room. Indeed, in those moments you feel on top of the world.
Staying in this hotel is all about bright and pleasant memories.

The villa design from the Katrina Antonovich

In our blog we are pleased to present a new project in a modern style. This is a new word in the interior design, which will form new fashion trends. Katrina Antonovich creates amazing improvisation and her every design solution has the elegance and finesse. Enjoy the project visualization. A more detailed description about  best interior designers in Dubai can be found on our official website in the blog.

четверг, 24 декабря 2015 г.

Home theater interior design from Katrina Antonovich

Is it possible not to love a good movie? Is it possible not fall in love with this home theater interior?
Here you will be completely amazed by a favorite movie, here you will be gently enveloped with the luxurious comfort. The large room is ready to take a big friendly company. If the movie started, and someone is a little late, you will not hear his footsteps. Soft carpeting will hide the sound of footsteps. For excellent acoustic home theater room is decorated with special panels and covered with wallpaper made of leather. Noble textile in dark burgundy hue imbues darkness with extraordinary comfort.
Soft luxurious furniture upholstered with natural leather of light beige color, here it is convenient to watch many movies.
Interior designer Katrina Antonovich has created the perfect space for enjoyment in the luxurious mansion.