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Interior design Luxury Antonovich Design

Modern interiors tend to ideal forms and proportions. Designers Luxury Antonovich Design have created a magnificent interior of the apartment in Istanbul in Art Deco with a light charm of traditional classics. The first moments of your stay in the apartment causes sincere delight. The apartment is located on two floors and there is elegant staircase with steps of black marble which leads to the second floor. The stairs are completed by an exquisite bas-relief of a romantic cityscape. Mirrors, framing bas-relief with classical sconces, give finality of the apartment space.
Entrance into the living room is decorated with two tall columns of natural marble with silver capitals. The floor is made of natural marble, on which the natural patterns of stone are wonderfully combined with fanciful swirls of patterns of carved marble with darker shade. Ceiling design became the basis for the zoning of the space. Walls differ with some restraint and brevity, highlighting the luxury furniture and decoration of windows. Boiserie is filled by elite wallpapers with lace delicate patterns. These patterns resonate in harmony with the patterns on textiles of noble creamy shade, which is used in upholstering of the furniture. Furniture inlay is completed by dark wood and charming elements in the form of lace, draperies and soft silk cushions. Bedroom interior is a true aesthetic pleasure. Luxurious bed is comparable to a work of art. High headboard is decorated with soft velvet panel from a natural shade of cocoa with milk and supplemented with delicious swirls of carved decoration. The wall behind the headboard was the harmonious continuation of this beautiful image. It is decorated with noble silk, which is draped in soft folds.
Owners’ dream about the interior in Dubai became a great reality, which has gained quite a clear outline and luxurious forms. This is a holiday of luxury that will give them a lot of pleasant moments.

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