среда, 9 декабря 2015 г.

Interior design Dubai from Katrina Antonovich

The aura of luxury and comfort of the new millennium in the works of Luxury Antonovich Design Elite Interiors Studio reflects the limitless possibilities that modern technologies give us. The freshness of ideas in the classic interiors gives them a unique charm and makes them an ideal habitat. An environment where everything is perfect, where every element of the decor matters, where the interior embraces with warmth and comfort. Interior design Dubai from Katrina Antonovich impresses with refined interior solutions. Here all decor items are individually designed on the author's sketches of the designer. In the interior the designer harmoniously combines colors, materials and textures, thus creating a complete philosophy of luxury and comfort. In this stunning design project you feel fine harmony combination of accessories, royal chic and glamor, sophisticated intelligence and style. Charming classics from Katrina Antonovich, which reflects the luxury of the new millennium.

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