четверг, 24 декабря 2015 г.

Home theater interior design from Katrina Antonovich

Is it possible not to love a good movie? Is it possible not fall in love with this home theater interior?
Here you will be completely amazed by a favorite movie, here you will be gently enveloped with the luxurious comfort. The large room is ready to take a big friendly company. If the movie started, and someone is a little late, you will not hear his footsteps. Soft carpeting will hide the sound of footsteps. For excellent acoustic home theater room is decorated with special panels and covered with wallpaper made of leather. Noble textile in dark burgundy hue imbues darkness with extraordinary comfort.
Soft luxurious furniture upholstered with natural leather of light beige color, here it is convenient to watch many movies.
Interior designer Katrina Antonovich has created the perfect space for enjoyment in the luxurious mansion.

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