вторник, 22 декабря 2015 г.

Interior design Dubai from Luxury Antonovich Design

This interior has its own special character in the spirit of contemporary luxury. Intelligent comfort with spectacular decorative techniques filled every square meter of the apartment. Visual infinity of the luxury space is emphasized by the elegant ceiling that seems is cut by lines of light, forming a concise pattern. Beautiful chandelier with bold shapes and outlines brought to sitting room interior some touches of sophistication. A pleasant coolness of the marble floor is combined with nice warm soft light carpet. The walls in the interior are stunningly decorated. Volumetric 3D panels play a delightful game of light and shade under the light of chandeliers. On this saturated background laconic windows decoration looks very fine, which are curtained with transparent tulles and straight folds of silk curtains. The sitting room, dining room and kitchen are combined in one unit. Tables made of marble, surrounded by soft chairs upholstered in genuine leather of milky shade emphasize the elite status of the interior. Dynamism and expression of the sitting room interior smoothly transfer into the gentle charm of the bedroom. The same modern style here has got a slightly different character, which is perfect for a relaxed and enjoyable rest. Behind all of this beautiful and luxurious picture many modern gadgets are hidden, the latest household appliances, remote lighting and more, that raises the highest degree of comfort. Modern style in the author's works of Luxury Antonovich Design, reflect future in interior design.

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