вторник, 15 декабря 2015 г.

Master Bedroom in classic style

All the best that era of luxury royal palaces gave us and all the best that exists today in interior design are combined in the delightful Master Bedroom in classic style. Villa design in Dubai is for very decent and sophisticated people to satisfy all their requirements in the project. This interior, which delights, which pleasant to have and here you always want to come back. Premium Interior Design Dubai is always full of unique and original solutions and spectacular design techniques. Here the main violin in the orchestra of luxury is played by a large comfortable bed. Interior Design from Katrina Antonovich always involves a perfect combination and selection of decorative elements and furniture. For the most respectable interiors we offer not just a furniture from Italy, which is made by the leading factory on sketches of our designers. We offer our clients a meeting with representatives of factories or, if desired, a trip directly to the factory. This helps to make the process of creating your perfect home entertaining, interesting and enjoyable in all aspects. The highlight of the interior is that the beds are not traditionally placed at the walls, but at a large window. The decoration of the windows and the bed is a single image of grandeur in the classic style.

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