вторник, 31 января 2017 г.

Landscaping ideas of Katrina Antonovich

Landscaping in UAE of Katrina Antonovich it is Ideal comfort, both inside and outside the house. Such projects provide Luxury Antonovich Design Studio designers for its valued customers. Today, landscaping and design becomes a mandatory part of the project. The area around the home becomes a haven for a pleasant holiday. This is an absolute harmony of architectural forms, green plants and reservoirs. Landscape design today is very closely linked with modern technologies. New ways of lighting, luxury materials, specially grown plants. All this becomes the basis of a very beautiful and unique gardens. Luxury is something that gives a feeling of absolute comfort and aesthetic pleasure in every moment.

 Landscaping ideas, Katrina Antonovich, Luxury Antonovich Design

Dining room interior of Katrina Antonovich

Dining room interior always reflects the warmth and hospitality of the house owners. And in this project designer Katrina Antonovich has created an atmospheric dining room interior in modern style. dining area harmoniously continues the design concept of luxury villas in the Art Nouveau style. High ceilings determine the use of massive crystal chandeliers. The interior has got a solemn and exalted character. Each meal in the dining room will be filled with a festive atmosphere. Majestically look huge windows that have curtains made of natural silk silvery hue. Ideal fit into the interior the white marble in the decoration of floors. For extra comfort, drinks and wine in the interior of the dining room there bar.

Dining room interior, Katrina Antonovich, Luxury Antonovich Design

воскресенье, 29 января 2017 г.

Beauty salon Design of Katrina Antonovich

The interior, in which every visitor will feel the queen. This is the project of a beauty salon established interior designer Katrina Antonovich. Glitter and shine luxury salon filled with beautiful holiday mood. The interior is dominated by shades of gold, which are diluted with accents of blue decorative panels and upholstered furniture in the upholstery of the ruby velvet. A special role is played by lighting in this project. Here the designer accents to highlight the main points of the interior. The mirrors in the interior perform as purely practical role to work and serve as an excellent way to visually expand the space. This luxury interiors for luxury services.

Beauty salon Design, Katrina Antonovich, Luxury Antonovich Design

Office interior design of Katrina Antonovich

The luxurious interior of the working cabinet reflects the respectability of its owner, and the importance of the decisions that are taken in this room. Interior Designer of Katrina Antonovich harmoniously continues the design concept of a luxury villa. The basis of the interior decor of natural wood valuable species. On a light background look great wall decor items such as carved decoration with gold. The interior is beautifully combined business atmosphere with the warmth of home comfort. The flooring decor looks great noble marble with carved patterns. Upholstered furniture is upholstered with noble textiles printed pattern. ceiling design fully corresponds to the spirit of modern classics. Traditional wonderful moments are combined with modern lighting techniques. It is inspiring and a very comfortable way of luxurious interior of the cabinet design studio in Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design.

Office interior design, Katrina Antonovich

пятница, 27 января 2017 г.

Luxury Modern Interior of Katrina Antonovich

Of these our usual materials such as glass, marble and natural wood, the interior designer  Katrina Antonovich have created a stunning beauty of the interior of the house in a modern style. Open spaces like a flow from one to another. Comfortable river corridors and stair portal merge into one ocean spacious living room on the first floor of the building. This is a completely new perspective on the perception of space and comfort. Designers continue harmoniously motives landscaping the area around the house in its internal space. Decorative waterfalls and green plants give the interior a feeling of being in a luxurious natural oasis. The abundance of light in the interior allows you to use the cool shades of marble. Accents of wood valuable species and natural fabrics in upholstery continue a cozy mood.

Katrina Antonovich, Luxury Modern Interior    

среда, 25 января 2017 г.

Dining room Interior design of Katrina Antonovich

The dining room as a separate room in the house intended solely for the meal, was a fixture in the aristocratic home a few centuries ago. Semantic center dining room - this, of course, a dining group - table and chairs. If you prefer the classic version, the table must be three-dimensional, made of solid wood. In modern versions look spectacular glass tables with chrome or wooden legs, as well as of the expensive leather trim. Like all other rooms, to the choice of style items in the dining room should be approached very carefully. Major role in creating experience takes on furniture. That is, it creates an atmosphere of comfort, elegance and warm paradnosti.Tsveta range - the best option for luxury dining. They look soft, elevate mood, promote communication and are perfectly combined with dishes, served on the table. Hue Saturation can vary on request, from vanilla-cream to yellow and terracotta and muted burgundy. Best Jewelry dining room - it mirrors, paintings and elaborately illuminated showcases with luxury tableware known brands or rarity instances.

Dining room Interior design, Katrina Antonovich