среда, 30 ноября 2016 г.

Majlis interior design of Katrina Antonovich

The highest degree of luxury, beauty and comfort is reflected in the interior majlis. Beautiful cultural traditions of the East, which are as warm hospitality expresses this living room. The owners of the house wanted to demonstrate how much they care for every guest. And the fact that they are ready to provide the best for its guests. Katrina Antonovich combines classic style with oriental accents in their works. Nice creamy palette in the decor of the walls and the ceiling is full of lush curls stucco decoration. Two massive crystal chandeliers illuminate the interior perfectly. Comfortable sofas are arranged around the perimeter of the room. Marble floors with carved patterns in perfect harmony with the rest of the décor. Classic curtains from luxurious silk with embroidery combined with upholstery. Interior majlis from Luxury  Antonovich Design radiates comfort, elegance and respectability.

Katrina Antonovich, interior design

понедельник, 28 ноября 2016 г.

Master bedroom design ideas of Katrina Antonovich

Master bedroom interior with cozy mood of tenderness from Katrina Antonovich designer captivate with its romantic charm. This amazing beauty in a classical style solutions. Gentle range of shades, carved decoration, lighting accents, elegant marble and gold. All these elements Katrina Antonovich integrates common and coherent image of luxury bedroom interior. Perfection and style inherent to each project. This interior master bedroom will always give unforgettable emotions of the aesthetic and sensual pleasure. Classic style with the charm of French romance is one of the most important trends in the luxury interior design of Luxury Antonovich Design studio.

Master bedroom, Katrina Antonovich

Landscaping of Katrina Antonovich

Elite Landscaping of Katrina Antonovich - is an association of centuries-old traditions, fashion trends and incredible opportunities for the realization of creative ideas. Each studio landscape designers is an organic continuation of the exterior of the building, a reflection of taste, wealth of imagination, lifestyle and financial capacity of the owner site. Famous designer Katrina Antonovich develops unique beauty solutions. Landscape style of Luxury Antonovich Design has a great diversity and beauty. Elite landscape design studio in Dubai offers a wide variety of style directions. This union of various tendencies, collected in a unique harmonious composition. Each new project inherent individual style and uniqueness.

пятница, 25 ноября 2016 г.

Best interior design ideas of Katrina Antonovich

Cosy moments in the interiors of a talented designer Katrina Antonovich always give a feeling of aesthetic pleasure. And the beautiful interior of the living room has a very gentle and refined character. The decor of the ceiling looks fine decorative plaster with a pearl luster. Bright marble floor decorated with beautiful swirls of carved patterns. Italian curtains of velvet brought to the room warmth of home comfort. Soft sofas upholstered in velvet peach shade. With the help of lighting designer accents and complement the interior a feeling of celebration. Interior living space included a dining room, kitchen and staircase hall. All the designs emphasize the beneficial features of the architectural plan luxury villa in Dubai.

вторник, 22 ноября 2016 г.

Landscaping in UAE of Katrina Antonovich

Landscaping in UAE of Katrina Antonovich it is Ideal comfort, both inside and outside the house. Such projects provide Luxury Antonovich Design Studio designers for its valued customers. Today, landscaping and design becomes a mandatory part of the project. The area around the home becomes a haven for a pleasant holiday. This is an absolute harmony of architectural forms, green plants and reservoirs. Landscape design today is very closely linked with modern technologies. New ways of lighting, luxury materials, specially grown plants. All this becomes the basis of a very beautiful and unique gardens. Luxury is something that gives a feeling of absolute comfort and aesthetic pleasure in every moment.

Landscaping in UAE of Katrina Antonovich