воскресенье, 6 ноября 2016 г.

Moroccan sitting room of Katrina Antonovich

Luxury living room interior in the Moroccan style of Katrina Antonovich represents the best traditions of the romantic and colorful design trends. The interior was very bright, elegant and comfortable. Arches, delicate carvings of wood, stained glass windows. All this is very harmoniously, filling the room with a special atmosphere of comfort heat. The ceiling is decorated with beautiful stained glass Tiffany dome made by the technique. The coolness of the marble floors successfully compensates for the Persian carpet. Upholstered furniture is upholstered in fine fabrics and distinctive colors. It perfectly complements the soft lighting. This creates the perfect illusion of floating in the air of comfortable sofas. Blinds in the interior of a classic style match. It's interior is literally filled with happiness and joy.

Moroccan sitting room, Katrina Antonovich

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