понедельник, 21 ноября 2016 г.

Luxury Interior Bedroom of Katrina Antonovich

The coziest, the most favorite and most comfortable space in the house - the master bedroom. Interior Designers Luxury Antonovich Design creates an ideal habitat for the house owners. In Luxurious bedroom, everything is provided for a relaxing holiday and the time homeowners devote themselves only. For harmony and perfect conformity of nature are taken into account such factors as the interior style, colors and even the direction of the windows. The luxury and comfort of the bedroom - it is an algorithm that includes the correct proportions all aspects of design excellence. And this example of a bedroom reflects the lightness and ease of modern classics with elegant touches.

Detailed information on services packages, as well as examples of projects can be found on our official website: www.antonovich-design.ae

Katrina Antonovich,  Luxury Antonovich Design


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