пятница, 4 декабря 2015 г.

Kids room ideas from Katrina Antonovich

The boundless love that parents feel for their child and the desire to give the best are expressed in author interiors of  kids room ideas created by Katrina Antonovich. The journey to adulthood in a cozy and romantic atmosphere will certainly be filled only with happy moments. The design concept of the interior is always entirely devoted to the dreams and passions of the young owner of the room. Elite interior designers of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio approach with caution and trepidation to work on children's rooms projects. The process of creating such interiors brings a lot of joy and positive emotions. Very often the work on the project begins with a warm communication with customers and the young owners of the rooms. Children’s room design from Luxury Antonovich Design are also infinitely beautiful and unique as the children's imagination is boundless. Author's children's rooms interiors reflect the most wonderful dreams and become an ideal habitat. And the best reward for the work are the happy eyes of the child, when he sees his new interior.

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