четверг, 10 декабря 2015 г.

Dubai children's room design

The embodiment of a child's dream is reflected in the children's room interior from Luxury Antonovich Design studio. In this author's children's room interior design you can stay apart from some dogmas and rules. The cozy interior in a classic style acquired charming traits primarily due to the successful color scheme. The combination of blue and cream colors have helped to create a very sunny mood in the interior. Visual lightness and airiness of the space conceal a very sophisticated interior design. Cute ceiling design, where a shallow niche like an island of heaven, filled with tension element is a perfect cause to dream of something pleasant, lying on a comfortable bed. Art painting on the wall with motifs of scenes from favorite fairy tales matches perfectly with the decor motifs of furniture. A wardrobe looks charming, which designers decorated in the style of knight castle. The warmth of home comfort is reflected in the solution to make the floors of dark wood, on which in the center of the room a large soft carpet is located. Dubai children's room design is an ideal habitat for a small apartment owner. It is good to dream, to play and to devote time to favorite hobby

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