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Arabic house design from Katrina Antonovich

Arabic house design  from Katrina Antonovich embrace with coziness and comfort. The oriental style allows you to saturate the interior with abundance of luxurious decor.Soft velvet of rich shades and silk on soft sofas and in folds of canopies fill the interior with softness and warmth. Boiserie on the walls with decorative stucco in tone with velvet and carved gilded décor is in harmony with the ceiling decoration. Marble floors decorated with swirls of patterns with oriental motifs. Ceilings decor is saturated with stucco and gilding, and in the center there can be an exquisite stained glass panel on the author's sketches of Katrina Antonovich. Crystal chandeliers scatter bright specks of light around the room. Rich colors from turquoise of the heavens to the gold of the sun and summer garden amazingly decorate apartments. Soft textile panels and carved decoration with gold leaf gilding fit perfectly for doors decoration. The entire interior in the oriental style by Katrina Antonovich is imbued with the magic of oriental flavors and soft emotional evening.

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