среда, 16 декабря 2015 г.

Custom Dressing Room Dubai

Custom Dressing Room Dubai in the house or apartment now is a necessary part of the space, without which it is difficult to manage. Katrina Antonovich, interior Designer Dubai, perfectly organizes custom dressing rooms of different size. Every detail is thought out carefully, the number of shelves, the necessary height, lighting techniques. Behind laconic furniture facades there are modern storage systems. Combination of natural dark wood and facades of different colors looks stylish and elegant. The snow-white ceiling with modern spotlights uniformly illuminates the interior and it is complemented by hidden illumination in the open parts of furniture. If Custom Dressing Room Dubai is larger, so it is possible to add additional chandeliers and furnishings. Custom Dressing Room today is based on the use of new technologies, which are particularly related to a method of illumination and modern storage systems.

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