вторник, 1 декабря 2015 г.

Moroccan style in the bedroom interior

Excellent association with fairy tales One Thousand and One Nights are evoked by bedroom interior in Moroccan style from Katrina Antonovich. Incredibly beautiful, bright, fabulous and original, all these moments the designer was able to take as the basis for the beautiful interior. Moroccan style in her projects has gained the best traditions of the East and the charm of modern luxury.
The interior designer paid particular attention to pieces of furniture, which set the tone for special charm of Moroccan style. In this interior it clearly shows that Moroccan style is all about white color in large quantities - completely white walls or floor, or a large amount of it in mosaics and ornaments on fabrics. Also while planning premises where the design in Moroccan style will be developed, forms of windows and doorways are planned simultaneously. Often it is traditional for Morocco - they repeat the shape of the dome of the mosque, is lancet or arched. Katrina Antonovich perfectly combines East and West, filling interiors with traditions and innovation mix.

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