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Interior Design in Dubai

In the heart of the beautiful Dubai, where the atmosphere gives sublime feelings of the beautiful architectural masterpieces contemplation, the office of LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN, design and architecture company, is located.
Luxury is combined with innovation. Universally recognized center of this combination is a wonderful city of Dubai. The studio team applies this approach. We are constantly improving and applying the new technologies. Inspiration, supported by talent, and in-depth knowledge of each team member are the basis of the company's success.
Here new masterpieces of design and architecture are created. In the luxurious and cozy atmosphere, we are pleased to offer valuable customers the best that exists in the world today. We quiveringly and attentive take each project, so in the result you get exactly what you want. For the most demanding connoisseurs of the world of luxury, we offer the exclusive designs that are ahead of time.
LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN is one of the leading companies in the field of interior design and architecture of the UAE and Kazakhstan.
Talented team of professionals offers a level of 9 stars. This is a fantastic opportunity to erase the line between dream and reality; ordering the unique project from the studio, you can feel on top of the world. When everything is perfect, luxurious, gorgeous, cozy and comfortable!
Addressing to our studio, you get world-class services Interior Design in Dubai. Always happy to meet in the office of LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN in Dubai at 23 fl, Tower 1, Boulevard Plaza. Comfortable for you time can be agreed by phone +971 568 979 074.

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