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Dubai interior design in modern style

We want to introduce a new implemented apartment interior from LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN. This project has its own interior story that became the basis for comfortable design. The owner of the apartment, Mohammed originally from Abu Dhabi for a long time lived and worked in London. And for his new apartment in the Emirates, he preferred an elegant English classics.
This project became a prime example of how clear and professional team of LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN STUDIO provides services for interior design. This project included the full range of services. From conceptual proposal to filling the apartment with furniture and decor. Work on the project was held remotely. Mohammed and his wife at that time were in London and completed their issues. And when it was time to move to Abu Dhabi, their comfortable and luxurious apartment was completely ready. A perfect result incredibly pleased  its owners.
Work on the interior design began with a warm and friendly communication in the head office of the studio in Dubai. Mohammed and his wife told about their dreams and wishes. And the designers got an interesting and a challenging task to combine all of these suggestions and to express in a new comfortable interior. In the apartment every detail emphasizes the impeccable taste of a young couple. This interior became the ideal solution in the bustling metropolis. Cozy and warm atmosphere is based on the use of pastel colors and natural materials.
The sitting room in the background of a little bit restrained decor, wall and ceiling spectacular furniture upholstered in velvet with warm purple tones looks great. The basis of the warm and cozy mood is the floor made of wood of valuable species. Pieces of furniture in the English style, perfectly fit into the overall picture of the interior.
The master bedroom interior has a richer range of colors. In the decoration of the bed and windows the interior designer offered a luxurious silk velvet of wine color, which is also present in the upholstery.
Each room in the apartment has its own vivid character, cozy mood and excellent functionality. Practicality and functionality are especially expressed in the kitchen interior. Perfect space organization includes competent placement of furniture and all kitchen appliances.
Fresh Modern in the works of Kateryna Antonovich has a particularly fine traits of nobility and harmony. Mohammed decided to order the project from the famous designer, on the recommendation of friends, for whom the studio has developed the villa project in Dubai. Particularly this style and how the author skillfully combines traditions with innovation, made a great impression on him. Therefore he addressed into this studio to get the design project.

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