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Arabic house design from LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN

The cultural traditions of the East are reflected in villas interiors in the UAE, which designers of LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN STUDIO create. The interior design in oriental style now becomes especially sumptuous image, thanks to innovative solutions of the designers.
The main features of oriental style in the interior are soft squat furniture, beautiful accessories of eastern themes, as well as play of light.
The main color palette of oriental style in the interior are shades like red, blue, ash pink, white and brown.
As a rule, wooden furniture with carvings is upholstered with fine cloth of soft shades. In addition, on sofas, armchairs, beds there should be many pillows with an ornament in oriental style. Hallmarks of oriental style in the rooms interior are arches, vases, carpets, beautiful curtains, exquisite chandeliers and lamps in Arabic style.
The unique flavor combined with the latest technologies is the basis for the author's design projects of the studio in Dubai.

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