понедельник, 23 ноября 2015 г.

Master bedroom, interior in details

The elegant Master bedroom interior is in light range of cool colors. The basis of the composition is a comfortable bed with a black glossy Visionnaire headboard. To visually expand the interior space, the designers are using glossy panel in the wall decor. Accents of warmth became the parquet floor Tavolini prestige of natural lacquered oak and soft fluffy carpet. Laconic window decoration is in perfect harmony with the general mood of the interior. The window is decorated with tulle Eusten Gerling (Germany). White translucent fabric is gathered into neat small folds. In the ceiling decor traditional chandelier (Still Lux) with elements of modern LED lights combine, and ceiling lights that are placed around the perimeter of the ceiling. The interior design combines perfectly comfortable mood with pleasant feeling of comfort and warmth.

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