суббота, 6 февраля 2016 г.

Living room designs from Antonovich Design

Design Katrina Antonovich, this is super technologies, creativity, elegance and style. Her interiors are recognizable, attractive and beloved. This is a unique trend of effecting people's attitude in the space. She is constantly exploring new technologies of production and construction, experimenting with new textures and materials to achieve a perfect embodiment of her ideas.
Luxury Antonovich Design is a combination of elegant and stylish design, the subtle feeling of materials, and careful attention to the nuances of colors, textures, passion for maximum functionality and perfect proportions.

Living room interior design was the perfect reflection of modern fashion in interior design. The perfect organization of space, a harmonious combination of colors, textures and materials perfectly complement a luxurious and respectable interior created by one of the best interior design companies in Dubai Antonovich Design.

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