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Luxury architecture from Katrina Antonovich

Luxury architecture from Katrina Antonovich
This beautiful architectural project at home from Katrina Antonovich clearly and expressively speaks about the respectability of home owners, their subtle understanding of the beautiful and the opportunity to afford the very best. Architect Katrina Antonovich combines the architectural details, the texture of the walls, the silhouette of the building and the color scheme very harmoniously. Each author's architectural project of a talented author reflects a clear perception of three-dimensional forms and a common space. Because of this work, a luxurious mansion has turned out, which are aesthetically perfect and harmonious. Perfect harmony of shapes and lines creates the impression of continuity of the beautiful appearance of the building. The design of the facade of the house is closely interconnected with its interior decoration. Already on the external appearance of the building you can judge the magnificent moments of luxury. The architectural design of the house in Nigeria became a vivid expression of the grace of forms and lines.

Beautiful architecture, Architect Katrina Antonovich

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