понедельник, 9 июля 2018 г.

Womanly Interior Design by Katrina Antonovich

Only a real woman who has the perfect taste and understanding of the beautiful will be able to fully appreciate the need for a house in her own dressing room. This practical and functional corner of the house in the works of Katrina Antonovich becomes something more than just a place for storing clothes, shoes and accessories. This is quite a sacred symbol of love and harmony, comfort and pleasure. It is in such interiors that the selection of a wardrobe becomes an excellent ritual. Here everyone becomes a little artist, creating his own image. It is this inspiring motive in each design project that Katrina Antonovich proposes. Beauty will save the world and it may be in this cloak room that this saving and enchanting beauty begins.

Katrina Antonovich, the most beautiful interiors of the world

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