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Kateryna Antonovich and her luxurious interiors

Kateryna Antonovich is a designer with a worldwide reputation, which is well known in the East. Her delightful improvisation with a classical style and oriental flavor forms the basis for the author's interiors of the unique beauty. In a portfolio of the talented designer you can find luxury projects of the most respectable villas of the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and other countries in Asia and Europe. The grandiose palace complexes for the royals reflect the luxury of a future era. Artfully combining cultural traditions, the world's most modern technology and ingenious author's ideas, Kateryna Antonovich creates magnificent interiors.
Handwriting of her works is recognized and appreciated by the most eminent customers from around the world. Artistic expression is based on the rich interior decor and elegant combination of textures, materials, colors and lighting techniques. Pearl of each project is delightful carved natural marble floors.
Oriental style interiors by Kateryna Antonovich obtain particularly luxurious charm and flavor. It is quite natural that the head office of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio is now in Dubai. Unique projects of the studio are gems of the cityscape, and luxurious interiors are works of art that will become history.
The designer creates interiors for the most demanding connoisseurs of the world of luxury and art, erasing the invisible line between their dream and reality.

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