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Spa Interior Design by Kateryna Antonovich

The luxurious spa interior, which was developed by a world famous designer Kateryna Antonovich, has a delicate and gentle image. The designers directed all design solutions to make project a zone of absolute comfort for a relaxing stay. Innovative ideas are based on a subtle sense of beauty and a deep knowledge of modern technologies. And these innovative ideas require new materials, new techniques and new creative lighting designs.
Spa interior attracts attention, giving a sensual and aesthetic pleasure. In the perfect organization of space you can comfortably spend time enjoying useful rest. Perfect harmony is inherent in each zone of the interior. To get a nice feeling of warmth of the nature, Kateryna Antonovich in the decoration of the walls used a laying of natural stone, near which a botanical garden interior is located. Line with decorative flames in the interior brings a pleasant feeling of warmth and luxury.
In her work, the designer uses modern luxury materials. Close partnership of Elite Design Studio Luxury Antonovich Design and world expert in the field of unique glass Bernard Pictet. His unique glass of unusual textures and colors complements the spectacular solutions of the interior designer with charm and stunning beauty. As glass of this master has unique possibilities. In the spa interior Kateryna Antonovich cleverly combines elements of glass with illumination lines, achieving stunning effects that literally fascinate by their beauty.
Floor Design perfectly fits into this romantic and cozy interior story. Natural stones from Palissandro Nuvolato make the interior exclusive. Natural colors and textures complement the interior with a refined and luxurious atmosphere. Easy and relaxed mood, which is present in the luxurious spa area is also based on the elegant pieces of furniture, chandeliers and unique oriental fragments in the massage room.

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