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Children's room design. Charming comfort

To work on children's rooms interior projects, we come with a special thrill and attention. The same luxury and absolute comfort, the same perfect harmony and perfection inherent in the author's projects of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design, acquire special charm and fascination in children's room interior. As here as the basis interior designers Dubai take children's dreams. And as children's imagination is boundless and limitless, so designers imagination is the same as well. This is children's rooms design, which will not be repeated, children's room interior design, which fills the journey into adulthood with special happiness.

Child's room design for a girl
Children's room interior design is divided into several areas, which depend on the age and sex of the child. Features of child psychology, which we consider in the development of children's room project are the basis of the ideal environment in which your child will be cozy and comfortable. Children's rooms design for girls is different by selection of a certain color and decoration items. Extremely popular are decorative elements such as canopies over a bed, decorative niches on the ceiling in the form of a flower or a butterfly. For teenager's room interior for girls we often choose the options that are not less luxurious by interior decoration. Indeed, in this age, the child is particularly keen to show that he is already quite adult and independent.
Children's room design for boys
Children's room interior design for a boy is always very clearly focused on the child's hobbies. The design concept is fully developed according to the dreams and interests of the child. Young adventurers enthusiastically perceive options of interior design in the nautical theme, the theme of travel or cars. The bed can be stylized as a car or a boat. Interior Designers Dubai design specifically for your son furniture in any configuration. It will be definitely comfortable and ergonomic. In teenager's room interior for boys modern style fits harmoniously, which allows you to implement the most daring design solutions.
Luxury interior design of Luxury Antonovich Design involves the creation of an ideal comfort for each family member. Children's rooms interiors of our studio fully express just how boundless love of parents is and their desire to give the child the best of everything. In our work we use only natural and environmentally friendly materials. Lighting of children’s room interior also has certain peculiarities. Every detail contributes to comfort of the child and his harmonious development.

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