среда, 28 октября 2015 г.

Interior in Oriental style

Interiors in oriental style in projects of Kateryna Antonovich combine motifs of traditional classics and oriental culture. This bright and luxurious living room interior attracts and gives wonderful emotions. The Interior Designer Dubai uses rich colors and exquisite decorations. In a color palette ultramarine becomes the main focus. Soft furniture is upholstered in noble velvet of blue hue, which is also present in windows decoration. The ceiling decoration plays a special role in the festive mood of the interior. It is decorated with luxurious crystal chandelier with waterfalls suspension, additional lights and a lot of spotlights. Another zest of the interior of this interior is unique carved pattern on the marble floor. Charming swirls of carved marble of several species have 2D surround effect. The designer cleverly repeats patterns motifs in the walls decoration, making the interior more expressive and perfect in its beauty. Beautiful detail of the living room interior in oriental style is the area for tea in a semicircular niche with windows. The interior design in oriental style is the perfect solution for the luxury villa in Dubai, the owners of which respect the cultural traditions of this country.

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