четверг, 29 октября 2015 г.

Villa Design in the UAE. Classical style by Kateryna Antonovich

Classical style does not lose its relevance for centuries. Particularly classics is able to fully reflect skills of an interior designer. Kateryna Antonovich offered a refined and sophisticated luxury motives for villas in the UAE. Interior literally attracts the eye, and it can be admired forever. The decor has all traditional elements. The ceilings are decorated with stucco, which plays wonderful light with crystal chandeliers. Restrained motives in the walls decoration are perfectly compensated with artists' pictures. Furniture plays a special role in this project. Luxury sofas upholstered in noble silk and supplemented with charming golden fringe. Furniture items of valuable species wood are inlaid with handmade carved decor with gold. Villa Design in the United Arab Emirates emphasizes kindness and hospitality of the owners. A spacious dining room was a continuation of a cozy living room. A large dining table is surrounded by chairs with noble backs, which are covered with textile with printed patterns. To zone the space and place accents, the interior designer uses floor and ceiling decoration. The floors are made of natural wood decorated with fanciful carved patterns of different species materials. Modern interior design from LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN STUDIO combines traditions and the latest technology. 3D projects visualizations, which are created with the latest software allows in details to see the future luxurious interior.

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