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Villa Design in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai from LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN

The interior, which attracts the eye and fills the with sublime emotions. Modern style in projects of Kateryna Antonovich is a unique improvisation with shades, materials and textures. The designer skillfully interweaves modern technology in her projects. This interior was designed for one of the most beautiful villas in Palm Jumeirah. The owners of the house wanted to get a luxury, extraordinary and stunning interior design that would perfectly fit this part of the beautiful city of Dubai. This modern technology allows to realize the most courageous solutions of designers and architects. The villa interior design in Palm Jumeirah has become an excellent way to highlight the benefits of architectural planning. The perfect geometry of space sets a very pleasant emotions. The main fiddle of this luxury orchestra becomes a natural marble, which the designer uses in the decoration of floors and walls. The marble surface exquisitely shimmers under the light of massive crystal chandeliers. High ceiling in a living room contributed to the fact that the visually chandeliers seem light and airy. To make the interior more expressive lighting is completed with lines of LED backlight. The author of the project zoned the space with a podium, where a dining area is located. Clean lines and perfect harmony are based on a combination of spectacular decor elements, colors and textures. Interior botanical gardens, volumetric 3D panel, modern fireplace, stylized waterfall that extends over the entire height of the wall in the living room… All these factors combining into a unique flight, fill the house with the exquisite charm of modern luxury. The villa interior is a cozy and luxurious oasis on the beach, where you can enjoy absolute comfort.

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