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Children's room design Dubai

The boundless love that parents feel to their child and the desire to give the best are expressed in this children's room interior from Kateryna Antonovich. The journey to adulthood in a cozy and romantic atmosphere will be certainly filled only with happy moments. The design concept of the interior is entirely devoted to the dreams and passions of young room's owners. Romantic theme of sea travels is reflected in a modern style, which in this design project has acquired a special, sunny and charming character. The designers used natural checkerboard cloth in windows design and bed decoration. Especially the style of sea journeys can be seen in the author's furniture. The interior resembles a comfortable yacht cabin. Here you can see the floor of wood, functional white wardrobes and beds with outlines of the boat. On the floor of dark hazel wood original carpets, made of interwoven ropes, look bright and stylish, . In the wall decor light wallpaper with ornaments of a world map looks elegant. All these designers very harmoniously combined into an overall picture of comfort and coziness. And if you want to dream a bit, so what could be better than lying on the comfortable bed and stare at the ceiling that looks like a clear sky with light clouds. The designers have considered every detail in the interior. Ergonomic and functional desk for study is designed so that every child feels comfortable. Children's room interior design Dubai is developed so that children can grow harmoniously and feel comfortable.

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