четверг, 22 октября 2015 г.

Bedroom Design from Kateryna Antonovich

Luxury classics with oriental notes became the basis of the design concept for the bedroom interior. Kateryna Antonovich offered a combination of royal blue and gold to create an atmosphere of palatial luxury. This is the interior of one of the bedrooms in luxury villa in Dubai. The spacious room is divided into two zones. Recreation area and bedroom area. They are divided by a refined partition with carved decor. The lounge area of the bedroom is decorated with luxurious furniture with carved inlaid with gold. Classical soft carpet looks cozy and charming. In the walls decor silk wallpaper with classical ornaments and carved decoration are combined beautifully. Bright accent in the bedroom interior became the ceiling decor. In the recreation area it is decorated with soft silk canopy, in the center of which there is an elegant crystal chandelier. Pale blue light is more luxurious with carved patterns, which frames the canopy. A luxurious bed became the composition of the central bedroom area, as befits the interior. Bedroom interior design fully underlines respectability and high status of home owners and gives them a feeling of absolute comfort and aesthetic pleasure. The bed decoration perfectly harmonizes with additional fine details as a soft headboard and elegant canopy of precious silk. Many exquisite pieces in the form of carved decoration, gold braid and tassels and the elements of lighting give the interior a unique charm of a luxury bedroom.

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