среда, 21 октября 2015 г.

Child's room design in Ferrari style

Children's rooms design is a direction, to which Kateryna Antonovich has a special thrill and attention. This child's room interior perfectly reflects the boundless love and the desire to give the child the best that parents have. And every interior story told by the talented designer, is devoted to dreams and passions of the child. Child's room design for a boy in Ferrari style is a reflection of the child's interests. Dynamic and bright interior perfectly fits the design concept. The room elegantly emphasizes every detail so popular in the world of Formula 1. Silk curtains are with ornaments of signal flags, the bed is in the form of a car, the rug is with a logo. All of these elements are the expression and the integrity of the image. The interior designer perfectly organized space so the child feels completely comfortable to play, rest or study. The child's room interior design has to take into account the psychology of child and age. And the bright colors, which harmoniously combine red and blue colors perfectly match the age of the youngest son of the apartment owners in Dubai, who at the time of the project was five years old. The original sofa upholstered in leather underlines the elite status of the interior. Flowing forms of furniture exquisitely continue the cars theme. In walls decoration bright accents became photos and illuminated logo. Traditional chandelier in the child's room interior is replaced with modern ceiling lights, evenly placed around the perimeter of the ceiling. Child's room design in Ferrari style was the fulfillment of the young room owner's dream and brought a lot of joy to our customers.

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