среда, 7 октября 2015 г.

Living room design. Bright moments from Kateryna Antonovich

The luxurious living room interior is the culmination of a bright and stylish interior story that Kateryna Antonovich told in this author's project. Unique image, which is characteristic of an artistic expression and stylish features become the hallmark of the designer. Living room interior design elegantly emphasizes that the owners of the house are people with a welcoming and hospitable character. Interior Designer uses a symmetry method in order to emphasize the expressiveness of the interior. Like mirrored each other sofas and chairs with coffee tables are placed here. Living room Interior sets a festive and enchanting mood. Adorable moments became curtains of light translucent silk, which separate part of the interior. The curtains are fixed in niches with a soft blue light. In her projects the designer consistently combines brilliant ideas and new technologies. This allows to realize the most daring ideas. The highlight of the interior became luxury ceiling decoration. Round niche is filled with mirrored panels with white lace patterns. This beautiful picture is decorated with a stylish crystal chandelier. In the interior the warmth of home comfort with a festive mood are mixed perfectly. Natural marblr on the floor looks concise and noble. Its natural grey color with light streaks have the effect of coolness, which is charmingly compensated by soft round carpets.

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