вторник, 6 октября 2015 г.

Interior design in Art Deco style from Kateryna Antonovich

Beautiful interior story of tenderness and warmth of home comfort, which author of this project Kateryna Antonovich told, captivates with its exquisite motives. Amazing story begins with a hall. A graceful staircase with steps made of white marble is complemented by pure white wrought-iron balustrade. A line of illumination of each step gives greater expressiveness of this part of the hall. A marble surface of the floor decorated with ribbons of carved patterns, harmoniously continued in the living room. The integrity of the interior image is achieved by repeating motives of elegant windows decoration and, in general, the color palette. In the ceiling decoration chandeliers are surrounded by exquisite decor. In the living room curvaceous furniture plays a major role. In the total soft creamy shades blue silk looks wonderful. Open space of the first floor in the house beautifully combines the living room, a dining room and a kitchen. Constant attribute of the home hearth is a fireplace, which looks especially festively surrounded by the wall decor. Interior Designer Dubai Kateryna Antonovich elegantly interweaves motives of Art Deco and modern classics. And in these motives noble materials, striking decor and modern technology fit wonderfully. The interiors of the talented designer has got aesthetic perfection, vivid images, artistic expression and absolute comfort.

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