понедельник, 4 января 2016 г.

Katrina Antonovich is a trendsetter in interiors

She gives the happiness of having beautiful interiors. Katrina Antonovich not only creates the perfect and charming comfort, she makes history of design and architecture. Head of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio Katrina Antonovich has long earned the title of interior fashion trendsetter. And each new work of talented designer is a proof.
Absolute dedication to the favorite and subtle sense of beauty is the foundation of her success. She takes the inspiration from dialogues with customers, from the constant search for new opportunities in the decor, from the works of art and traveling. On the official website of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio you can always see the wonderful author's projects and learn about innovations in interior design fashion.
Her inspiration is catching, talent is endless, and the ideas are unique in their beauty.

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