пятница, 15 января 2016 г.

Master Bedroom from Luxury Antonovich Design

Solid and expressive image of the bedroom interior consists of many charming details. Interior designer Katrina Antonovich offered a refined interior in the style of modern classics for the villa in Dubai. Every element of the decor has the charm of tenderness and warmth. Almost the entire surface of the floor made of natural wood is covered with soft carpet with a fluffy pile. Interior lighting is provided by an elegant crystal chandelier with additional lighting lines. And to create more relaxed lighting, you can use the charming scones. To expand the bedroom interior space visually, designer uses light range of shades, as well as additional ways in the form of large mirrors. In the interior there is absolute harmony. Interior Designer gracefully repeats curls of carved headboard in the stucco on the ceiling. Here, everything adjusts to cozy serenity, tenderness and warmth. This is a new masterpiece of interior design studio Luxory Antonovich Design

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